What kind of spokesperson work does Shelley offer?

Shelley realizes that reaching consumers and being a brand spokesperson requires different avenues.  Some of the ways Shelley helps promote brands are..

  • Paid Posts
  • Giveaways
  • Facebook Mentions
  • Coupon Class Sponsorships
  • Advertising

Who has Shelley Worked With?

Shelley has had very successful campaigns and worked with great brands such as…

  • Johnsonville,
  • Kraft Foods,
  • Sam’s Club,
  • Shutterfly,
  • Eucerin,
  • Manilla,
  • Walgreen’s,
  • Walmart,
  • KinderCare,
  • Subway,
  • Chick Fil A at Houston Road,
  • Florence Freedom Professional Baseball Team


How does spokesperson pricing work?

Because spokesperson campaigns remain so individual – depending on the brand or issue, travel logistics, type of media outlet, messaging needed, etc. – Shelley takes a customized approach to pricing. Once she determines the parameters of the campaign, she will outline an individual pricing structure that meets the budgetary needs of the brand or organization. Please note: all of Shelley’s out-of-pocket travel needs – air/ground transportation, hotel, per-diem costs, etc. – must be covered separately and are not included in the fee pricing.

For more info please email PR@StockpilingMoms.com

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